Catapult Slingshot UK

This is a quality Catapult (Slingshot) for outdoor usage. It is heavy duty, providing a good pull, comes complete with 2 replacement rubber bands and also 50pcs of 7mm ammo balls.Catapult Slingshot

The catapult is composed of a highly durable die-casting alloy frame. The slingshot is powered by 6pcs of high-tension rubber band, making it really powerful.

It is light and can easily fit into your pocket. You can easily have ammunition ready by placing it on the strong magnetic ring (supplied).

This catapult will offer you hours of outdoor fun, shooting at targets in the distance. You can easily purchase replacement rubber bands and ammunition from

You will get best results (distance and accuracy) by using the proper ammunition (7mm metal balls).

This slingshot has high-speed and high-tension rubber bands and military quality rope for the handle.

This catapult will provide endless hours of fun and target practice. You can compete against others in hitting targets and other target practice games.

Package Includes: 1x Slingshot, 1x Strong Magnetic Ring, 2x Rubber Bands and 50pcs 7mm Ball Ammo.

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