Pogo Stick Pogo King UK

This Pogo Stick will provide hours of fun for kids and also help towards their fitness. The Pogo King pogo stick is super fun for both boys and girls aged 9 years and over. It will support a weight of up to 160 lbs (11.5 stones or 72.5 kg).Pogo Stick Pogo King UK

The height of this pogo stick is approximately 106cm (41.5 inches).

It has anti-slip safety handles and foot pads, foam covered quality metal construction. This is a superior quality pogo stick, it’s built to last.

It is recommended to always use a helmet for safety reasons, and stay out of traffic on the roads.

The Pogo King Pogo Stick is a lean, mean jumping machine designed for active kids. It will help to improve kids balance and fitness while having a lot of fun.

Pogo King is a superior brand, other alternatives don’t come close to the king of pogo sticks!

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Rubber Band Gun Rubber Band Shooter UK

The Rubber Band Gun or Rubber Band Shooter is a really fun toy for both kids and adults. Each shooter takes 5 bands at a time. You can shoot the bands one at a time or all in rapid succession.Rubber Band Gun Rubber Band Shooter

The rubber band gun is made of real wood, that is smoothed down. You can set up targets like paper cups and cards for target practice. Load up your rubber band shooter, aim, squeeze the trigger and hit the target.

It is a fun gift for ages 5 years and upwards. It is easy to load and fire. This cool toy comes with a bag of rubber band ammo to get you started. If you run out of ammo, it’s easy to get hold of rubber bands.

You can compete with others and have fun around the house. It is safe to use indoors, as the rubbers bands are not likely to damage furniture.

The box contains: 1x Rubber Band Gun, 1x set of 5 rubber bands.

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