NSD Powerball 280Hz Autostart Fusion Pro

This NSD 280 Hz Powerball is designed to strengthen the wrist and hand grip. It’s fun to use and helps to rehabilitate tendonitis elbow, wrist pain and finger injury.NSD Powerball 280Hz Autostart Fusion Pro

It will help to improve your grip for racket sports, climbing, martial arts and overall wrist and finger strength.

It has cordless automatic start, just wind the rotor backwards 3 turns, release and spin for a smooth instant start.

The NSD Powerball is the king of Gyroscope balls, it is drop resistant and computer balanced to reach spin speeds beyond 18000 rpm. There are on-board speed sensitive blue and red powered indicator LEDs which will illuminate during usage.

It is small enough to fit into your pocket, yet powerful enough to generate 0 – 16 kg of inertial resistance to strengthen fingers and forearm.

This NSD Powerball has a multi-function LCD speed meter to monitor your performance.

It is an efficient and fun to use arm exercise machine to enhance performance in all sports requiring improved grip strength, wrist strength and forearm strength such as golf, tennis, badminton, squash, climbing, cycling, basketball, cricket, martial arts also with improved playing performance for pianists, drummers & guitarists.

It is also beneficial for rehabilitation of all hand, wrist, elbow and arm conditions: sprained wrist, fracture, scaphoid fracture, pain in wrist, numbness in hands, lateral epicondylitis treatment… and other accidental damage to the arm, wrist and fingers.

The new Powerball 280 Hz Autostart Fusion Pro is also one of the fastest, quietest and easiest to use gyroscope ball hand exercisers ever produced and will build substantial strength in the entire arm from fingertip to shoulder.

The ‘wind-back-and-release’ easy start system ensures instant, fuss free starts every time without any requirement for cords.

It is certified 100% vibration free to spin speeds in excess of 18,000 rpm, 280 Hz Autostart Fusion Pro produces up to 16 kg of resistance and is the ultimate in wrist exercise equipment – spin slow and it will gently rehab a sprained wrist, tendonitis elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome – spin fast and it’ll give you a forearm workout of monumental proportions in less than 60 seconds

The Fusion series has colour active, speed sensitive LEDs built into the rotor which illuminate radiantly during use (induction power) – these cycle between red and blue and give a beneficial reference on current spin speed.

Unlike other Powerball models, the new 280 Hz Autostart range uses a patented outer shell casing capable of absorbing falls from up to 1.6 meters without damage to the internal rotor mechanism ensuring years of functional, reliable operation.
This new technology is also wear-resistant and features reversible internal tracks for 2X product performance lifespan, ensuring that 280Hz Autostart Fusion Pro will remain smooth and silent regardless of your spin technique while also allowing the ball to be used in rugged conditions not usually acceptable to these precision Powerball products. The 280Hz range can be easily opened and cleaned internally to ensure optimum performance at all times.

This 280 Hz Autostart Fusion Pro ships with the new Accura 3.0 series LCD counter as standard; this requires no batteries and powers up via magnetic induction with a back light as soon as the rotor starts to spin, making 280 Hz Pro totally self-sufficient and 100% battery free, guaranteeing you years and years of precision, fuss free enjoyment. Included are full operating instructions.
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Box Contains

1x NSD Powerball 280 Hz Autostart Fusion Pro

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