Magic Cube Speed Cube Stickerless 3×3 UK

The Magic cube also known as a Speed cube is a modern version of the Rubik’s Cube. The original cube was created in 1974 by ErnÅ‘ Rubik, a Hungarian inventor, architect and professor of architecture. The Rubik’s Cube became really popular in the 1980’s.Magic Cube Speed Cube

As a youngster in the 80’s, I had great fun with the original cube. We used to lubricate it with vaseline to make it spin faster to enable faster solving times. I went through a lot of cubes, as the stickers used to come off. We used to peal off the stickers when stuck.

The Magic Cube does not have stickers, it is built with coloured plastic blocks. You will also not need to lubricate it with vaseline, as it already rotates very fast. It is also know as a Speed Cube for this reason.

This is the 3×3 version of the cube, once you learn to solve this, you can move onto the 4×4 and 5×5 cube. The Magic Cube will offer many hours of fun and work the brain cells.

The Speed Cube makes you think in 3 dimensions as the puzzle has many solutions, depending on how it is rotated.

Let us know your fastest solution time.

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