About Us

Father of three kids, hooked on gadgets and gizmos. It’s not just the kids that are addicted to Gagets and Gizmos, I’m the real kid at heart!

We are based in the United Kingdom (UK), which is a really fun place… even more fun with all the fun stuff to occupy our time with.

We love the latest fun and whacky stuff, live is meant to be about having fun. Today’s modern lifestyle is all about rushing around, not paying much attention to having a little fun.

Take some time out and de-stress yourself with some fun gadgets and gizmos. It’s much better than fiddling around on your mobile phone!

This blog is dedicated to fun stuff for the kids and also the grown-up kids… you’re never too young to have fun.

Just explore the blog and order any item that appeals to your fun-loving nature. You can also surprise your kids with unexpected gifts.

I can’t wait to see the look on my kids’ faces, when a package arrives from amazon. They know that it’s going to be something fun and interesting.

I will be updating the blog with more fun stuff. This is just a hobbies blog that may earn some money to pay for more fun gadgets and gizmos.

Thanks for visiting the blog….